Tools Needed:

  1. Phone; 
  2. USB Cable; 
  3. QPST Application v2.7.323 (must be this version); 
  4. Patience; 
  5. Caution!!! 
Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Install QPST application from the above link; 
  2. Reboot your PC 
  3. Find your phone IMEI number on your phone box, battery, under the battery, whatever; 
  4. Turn off your phone; 
  5. Open "Device Manager" on your PC; 
  6. Hold "Volume -" button and connect your phone to your PC through USB cable (this button sequence is for Lenovo K910 only); 
  7. Release "Volume -" button when Lenovo logo appears; 
  8. By this time your phone should enter on "Factory Mode" and your "Device Manager" should be able to see the following COM port (port number may differ);
  9. Remember "HS-USB Diagnostic" COM number
  10. Open QPSTConfig as administrator(this should be on your installation path i.e C:\Program Files (x86)\QPST\bin); 
  11. Go to the "Ports" tab and click "Add New Port";
  12. On the new window uncheck "Show Serial and USB/QC Diagnostic port only
  13. On "Port:" put COM number seen on "Device Manager" earlier; 
  14. On "Port Label:" you can put anything; 
  15. Click "OK"
  16. By this time you should get something like: (don't bother with Phone code numbers. this should be different);
  17. Now go to "Active Phones" tab; 
  18. Click on your phone from the list and go to "Start Clients"; 
  19. On RF NV Item Manager, go to "Settings > Comport"; 
  20. Select your COM port and click "OK"; 
  21. Click "File" > "Read Supported NV RF"; 
  22. From the list, go to 550 number and you will get 9 blank lines; 
  23. Check "Hex" box;
  25. You will see 9 text boxes and where you should put your IMEI number. You should do this EXACTLY as described or else... 
  26. You should put your IMEI backward.
  27. Let's take this number as an example: 112233445566778. The boxes should be filled with: or
  28. Once you enter the data, press Write Changed NV on "File
  29. Reboot your phone 
  30. Confirm your IMEI number by typing *#*#06# Hope this will help you to recover your lost IMEI number
Good luck and be very cautious!!!

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