Step 1 – Download Flashtool

Download Flashtool version (or the latest available) from Click Here.

After downloading above Flashtool, install it.

On opening it, it may ask you to move files stored in F:\Flashtool\firmwares to F:\Users\PC NAME\.flashTool\firmware (Do move the ftf stored if asked to do so).

Wait then till it syncs the devices list (if it doesn’t sync because you are not connected to the internet, then leave it. It is not mandatory to do the sync).

Step 2 – Download Firmware Ftf file

Xperia-E3-Dual-D2212-18.4.B.1.20-lock-remove.ftf - Click Here

Step 3 – Put your above download firmware ftf in “F:\Users\PC NAME\.flashTool\firmware” folder

Additional Step:- Install Drivers

Install Drivers from the folder named “Flashtool Drivers” in the location where Flashtool is installed OR just install PC Companion on your PC and connect your device with it and then remove it.
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