If you manage a blog or a website, you probably know about Domain Names. For creating a blog or website you need a name for your blog. A name or an address where a user can access your website, it starts with www. It's called Domain Name.
Credit: GoDaddy.com
For example, my Domain name is www.techpoison.in. There are many websites from where you can register your Domain Name. In this Article, we will discuss How to register a Domain Name with Godaddy.
Godaddy is one of the most popular Domain registrars. its prices are good as compared to others.

First Step Purchase a Domain Name For Your Website

Go to Domain Names | The World's Largest Domain Name Registrar - GoDaddy. On the search box, you have to search for your domain name. If it is available you will see the message that ‘Your Domain is Available’.

If your Domain is available you can add it to cart. You can also see other extensions like .net .org etc. You can also buy these others domains with other extensions too.

After adding your favorite Domain to your Cart. Click Continue to Cart.

In the next window you will be asked to but Add-on Like Privacy etc. If you buy Privacy Protection your Personal Information will be private. Godaddy replaces your personal information with their information.
Select your choices and click Continue with these options.

Next, you have to Sign in. If you are new to GoDaddy which I am assuming you are, Click on Create Account.

Create a new account on Godaddy. Type your email, Password etc. click on create an account. you will get an email with a link to confirm your email id. go to your email id and click on the link to confirm.

Next is Payment. On payment Page, you will find different options for payment. different countries have different options. select the one which is suitable for you. You will be asked for Payment address. you will have to give your payment address.

If you have any coupon you can apply them too. Godaddy also offers coupons for first time purchase.
Review your Cart. Add-on etc. Once you are done rechecking click on Proceed to Checkout.
That's it. you have to buy a new domain. you will get a confirmation email about what you have bought.

Watch This Video To Guide How You Can Easily Purchase a Domain From GoDaddy.com

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