[JULY 2nd 2018 UPDATE]

Good News! For Anyone Who Was Eligible And Applied For The Youtube Partner Program (YPP) Before June 1st, Your Application Has Now Been Reviewed. You Can Check Your Monetization Page In Creator Studio For More Information.

If You Were Eligible And Applied Before June 1st But Your Creator Studio Hasn't Yet Updated: That Means Your Application Is Being Held For An Additional Review. You Will Be Getting An Email Update Soon (If You Haven't Already) And There's Also More Info About This Below. 

FAQS: Why Our Application Being Held For An Additional Review?
There Are Some Channels That We’d Like To Look At More Closely Before Approving Or Not Approving For YPP And These Channels Are Being Held For An Additional Review. The Best Thing You Can Do Is Keep Uploading Original Content As The More Info/Content For Us To Review, The Better. We Don't Have An Exact Date Or Time Frame About When These Next Reviews Will Take Place (As It Will Vary For Each Channel), But You'll Receive A Second Email Update Once It Happens.

Why Wasn’t I Approved For YPP At This Time? If Your Channel Doesn’t Meet Our 
Community GuidelinesAdsense Policies, And Youtube Partner Program Policies, Then We Can’t Approve Your Channel At This Time. A Few Possible Reasons Why A Channel Isn’t Approved: Uploading Duplicative Content, Channel Impersonation, Click Fraud On Ads, View Count Spam, Misleading Metadata. 
Reapply For YPP:
If You Make Updates To Your Content, You Can Reapply For YPP In 30 Days. At That Time, We Will Carefully Review Your Application And Channel. To Prepare To Reapply, The Monetization Page In 
Creator Studio Is The Best Place To Visit; From There You'll See More Details, Help Resources, And What You Should Do Prior To Submitting A New Application.

If I Applied After June 1st Or Only Became Eligible Recently, When Should I Expect To Hear Back?
Now That The Backlog Is Cleared, We’ll Be Reviewing Applications Much More Quickly! So Long As You Meet The Eligibility And Program Thresholds, You Can Expect To Hear Back In A Month Or So. Note: All Applications Are Still Manually Reviewed, So It Does Take A Bit Of Time! 

Thanks Again For Everyone’s Patience While We Worked To Clear The Backlog Of Applications!

[JUNE 29th 2018 UPDATE]

Just Wanted To Let Everyone Know That If Your Channel Applied For YPP And Met The Eligibility And Program Thresholds Before June 1st, We’re On Track To Review Your Application And Send You An Email Update By Early Next Week.

We’ve Already Seen Quite A Few Celebratory Posts From Creators Here In The Forum Who Are Now Approved! 

If You Weren’t Approved At This Time, Please Visit 
Creator Studio For More Information, Including Help Resources And What You Should Do Before You Reapply. If You Make Adjustments To Your Content, You Can Reapply In 30 Days.

[APRIL 19, 2018 UPDATE]

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