Download Microsoft Store Apps Without Using Microsoft Store


You can download Microsoft Store apps from third-party websites like Adguard, which is the easiest and most recommended method. This website provides old versions of the Windows operating system, Microsoft Store apps, and more. To download and install apps using Adguard

Follow These Steps:

  1. Enter the app name and the keyword "Microsoft Store" in your browser search bar. For example, "Intel Unison Microsoft Store."

  2. In the search results, click the webpage for the app on Microsoft Store. Always click on the official link rather than an advertisement or unofficial source. 

  3. Upon landing on the Microsoft Store app page, copy the link.

  4. Open the Adguard official website and paste the copied URL into the store's search box.

  5. To have the store retrieve links from Microsoft servers, click the tick next to the search bar.

  6. Look at the release dates of the app you want to download.

  7. From the list, choose the latest version or an older one of the app. Download only from the link that ends with the .APPXBUNDLE extension. If you don't find any file with this extension, look for one with the .MSIXBUNDLE extension. In addition, avoid files with extensions .EAPPXBUNDLE or .EMSIXBUNDLE, as these are encrypted files.

  8. If the download doesn't start automatically, right-click the relevant link and copy it. After that, paste the link into your browser. Taking this step will start the download process.

  9. If the download fails, temporarily disable Windows Defender and any other antivirus app you use. In addition, turn off security extensions in your browser.

  10. If your browser warns you that a file has potential security risks, click the Allow button to allow the download.

  11. When the file has been successfully downloaded, go to the directory where it was downloaded.

  12. Click on the file with the .APPXBUNDLE or .MSIXBUNDLE extension.

  13. In the installation pop-up, click Install.

  14. Let the installation complete, and your Microsoft Store app will be successfully installed on your device without having to use the Microsoft Store.

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You are welcome to share your ideas with us in the comments!

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