I f you have installed updates or new software on your computer, you have installed Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1, which includes a common runtime application that the applications you run may need. During this installation, an account called ASP.NET is created. If your computer has already displayed your desktop immediately after starting it, you can see a welcome screen when you start your computer with your existing user account and ASP.NET account. That’s because there are now two accounts on your computer.

The account does not allow remote or interactive connection and only has Guest level privileges. Therefore, it cannot be used by anyone else or by Microsoft to connect to your computer. If you use your computer for personal use only (i.e., if you are not a software developer who must develop and test software using Internet Information Services (IIS)).
  • It's normally a system service account used with Microsoft's Internet Information Service web server software for developing and publishing web pages.
  • Also, it is sometimes related to the .NET Framework.
  • If you work with asp.net development work then keep that account. Otherwise, you may delete/remove this account.

The account can get created when you install .NET Framework and if you are not a software developer, it is not required.

You can delete this account in one of the following ways:

 Open Control Panel ⭆ User Accounts ⭆ and delete that account 
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