W indows 10 W8K uses the Ngc folder to store and manage PIN-related information. If the folder becomes corrupted and you can no longer use your PIN code to log in to your computer, try deleting the Ngc folder. You should then be able to set up a new PIN.

The first and foremost step that often fixes the issue is to delete the contents of NGC folder. To do this, perform the following steps.

          . Press W8K+E to open File Explorer.

          . Navigate to C: > Windows > ServiceProfiles > LocalService> AppData > Local > Microsoft > Ngc. The Appdata folder might be hidden.

          . Right-click the NGC folder and choose properties.

          . Click Security>Advanced. Under Owner, click Change.

          . Type the username under Object names. Click Check Names.

          . Click OK. Click the checkbox next to “Replace Owner on objects”. Click Apply.

          . Right-click the NGC folder and select delete.

          . Create a new folder with the same name in the same folder i.e. Ngc.

          . Restart your computer and check.

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